Teeccino Turkey Tail Astragalus Mushroom Coffee

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Teeccino Turkey Tail Astragalus Mushroom Coffee

With mushroom coffee, you want to know exactly what you’re drinking. But that’s not a problem with Teeccino, as the brand indicates the exact amount of each ingredient on the label.

This mushroom coffee features a turkey tail mushroom powder. Paired with inulin and astragalus root, it restores gut health & strengthens the immune system.

As for the energy boost, the only source of it is the turkey tail. In fact, this mushroom coffee doesn’t contain any coffee at all. Instead, it contains chicory, a common coffee alternative.

Of course, this also means that the energy kick you get is nowhere near the one you get from real caffeine.

Without coffee as an ingredient, this mushroom “coffee” is acid-free, so it’s very gentle on your stomach.

Combined together, these ingredients create a drink that’s rich and full-bodied, with notes of nuts and toasted maple. Plus, the addition of dates balances out the flavor and gives a slightly sweet finish. This delicious flavor profile is even better when combined with milk or creamer.

This product is certified organic and climate-friendly. That means it’s produced under rigorous standards. You can rest assured that what you’re drinking is of the highest quality and without hidden ingredients.


  • Doesn’t contain coffee, so it’s great for people intolerant to caffeine
  • The flavor profile is great alone or when combined with milk or creamer
  • Rich in probiotics and antioxidants
  • Non-acidic, so it’s suitable for people with digestive issues


  • It’s a herbal coffee substitute, so it’s nowhere near energetic as a caffeinated drink


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